Learning To Ride Solo

Your child has reached the stage of wanting to ride his or her own two wheeler bike. Most children from the age of 3 upwards will have the ability to learn to ride a bicycle.

Balancing on two wheels is a difficult thing to master. Weeride have an excellent range of trailer bicycles and training bicycles to help your child through the different learning processes. Make sure your child is equipped with a safety helmet for those inevitable accidents and knee pads and elbow pads are always a winner. Dressing up to ride your bike is always fun (even if it is safety equipment) and will encourage good habits for later in life.

The Co-Pilot is a trailer bike that is hitched securely to the parent’s bike. The Co-Pilot comes with all the accessories that a normal bicycle has – pedals and a handlebar – allowing your child to learn to ride by mimicking what you do.

Once your child has mastered the basics of riding, the 10” and 12” childrens bikes in the Weeride range are perfect for that next phase of learning to ride solo. With a little help from Dad or Mom your child will soon master the art of riding a bicycle.

For that next step find a patch of soft grass, preferably on a slight incline. The grass makes for a soft landing and the incline makes it easier to push off.

Make sure you adjust the bike to the correct height. The seat should be just high enough for the child’s toes to touch the ground. Show them how to put one foot on the pedal and to balance lightly on the other foot. The trick is now to push off. Holding the bike from the back to balance the bike, or lightly stabilising the child with your hands, gives the bike stability and the child reassurance. Once you feel the child is balanced, let go but make sure you are on hand in case the bike falls over.

Lots of encouragement and patience is required from the teacher, but the look of joy on your child’s face when they realise they are riding their bicycle on their own, is a pleasure that no parent should miss

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