Are front-mounted carriers safe?

Absolutely!!   Click here to learn more about the safety testing and certification of the Kangaroo child carriers.

What are the age and weight limits for passengers of the Kangaroo and LTD child carriers?

 The recommended limits are 4 years old or 25kg’s. whatever comes first.

What is the minimum age for passengers of the Kangaroo and LTD child carriers?

 We recommend the child to be able to support his or her own head with the added weight of a helmet, usually 1 year old. Please consult your pediatrician beforehand.

What is the maximum height for passengers of the Kangaroo and LTD child carriers?

 This is also dependent upon the height of the adult piloting the bicycle, obviously the rider needs to see over and reach around the passenger. A good way to judge the height of the passenger is to sit them on a bench and have the adult sit directly behind them – if the adult can see over and reach around the child, you should be fine on the bike.

Will I have to alter my cycling position or pedal stroke when using the Kangaroo or LTD child carriers?

 Yes, but the alteration is minimal. Your very valuable parcel is in an area that dictates this. It’s not a tremendous alteration of your cycling, but you will have to pedal with your knees slightly more apart than usual to avoid hitting the seat. For the short recreational trips you are taking with your child, this will be a very minor inconvenience in comparison to the quality time spent with them. If you are going for a long training ride you wouldn’t want to subject your child to that, so the seat is easily removed for those rides.

Will the Kangaroo or LTD child carrier fit my bike?

 Our carriers will fit most bicycles – mountain, hybrid, cruiser, men’s or ladies. Ones that the carrier will not fit are road bikes with drop style handlebars (rider is too hunched over), Downhill/Freeride bikes (DH forks have legs that go up almost to the handlebars and the WeeRide mounting bar will restrict steering), and bicycles that have a "forward pedal" or "flat foot" style frame (these frames are extremely long and not only will the mounting bar not fit, the carrier will be in the way of the pedal rotation). If you are still unsure, email us a picture of your bicycle - we can usually tell by looking at the photo


What if I want to switch the Kangaroo or LTD carrier between two different bicycles?

 No problem – the mounting bar is available separately. You can mount it to the other bike and switch the carrier at will.

What if my Kangaroo or LTD straps are too long or too short?

 Children come in all shapes and sizes and we've done our best to offer a harness system sized for most kids. On the rare occasion that your harness is ill-fit for your child, please contact us and we'll send along a suitable replacement harness.

Can I mount both a Kangaroo/LTD AND a Co-Pilot to the same bicycle?

While you physically COULD do this, we would recommend against it. Besides the weight of you and your bicycle, you would now have an additional 50 to 100lbs of treasured, but squirmy passengers to contend with. This would make riding very difficult. Instead we would recommend something like the Stagecoach or Convertible Coach trailers to haul your precious cargo.

Can I mount the Kangaroo or LTD to my folding bicycle?

 The carrier will likely work with a fullsize folding bicycle frame depending on where the hinge joint is. But it will not work well with the smaller, compact 20" or smaller wheel folding bikes.

The frames on those are usually very low and the Kangaroo/LTD will likely be in the way of the pedals

Does my child need to wear a helmet when riding in the Kangaroo or LTD?

 Yes, absolutely! Always! It's not only safer for your child, it teaches them to wear a helmet whenever they do something cycling related. And you should too - lead by example!

The seat looks so small, is my child is already too big for it?

 No, not at all. The seat back is designed to be low rise style. A taller seat back would only dig into the chest of the adult rider. The Kangaroo seat back should be a little bit above the waist of the child, this will keep him or her securely in place.

How much weight does the Kangaroo/LTD carrier add to my bicycle?

 The Kangaroo seat adds about 4kg’s to the weight of your bicycle.

 CoPilot and ProPilot


What if I want to switch the CoPilot or ProPilot between two different bicycles?

 No worries - the hitch is available separately. You can mount one to each bicycle and then switch between them by just using the quick release. Just give us a call at (800)245-3123

Can my cousin/grandmother/aunt/wife ride on the CoPilot or ProPilot with me? She weighs less than 100lbs?

 No, please don't. The CoPilot and ProPilot are designed for the size and strength of a child, not an adult. It is not an attachment to turn a bicycle into a tandem, it is a learning tool for a child.

Can I piggyback one CoPilot or ProPilot to another so I can ride with two children at once?

 Again, please don't. This is very ungainly and also unsafe. It will be very hard to start out as well as stop, and turns will be especially challenging. One at a time, please!

What is the difference between the CoPilot and the ProPilot?

The CoPilot frame is made of steel, while the ProPilot is made of lighter weight aluminum.

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