What is a balance bike? A balance bike is a light weight bike without pedals and the crank. Children’s balance bikes are primarily designed to help children to develop their balancing skills. Learning to steer and balance a bike is much easier without pedals. The up and down motion of pedalling throws a childs body side to side causing them to lose riding stability.

Your child has reached the stage of wanting to ride his or her own two wheeler bike. Most children from the age of 3 upwards will have the ability to learn to ride a bicycle.

Kids love bikes and are never too young to start learning to ride.  If you are a cycling family already, or thinking of buying bicycles, but have a toddler and have been putting of taking those relaxing Sunday rides, invest in a child seat for bicycles. There are many different types of child seats for bicycles on the market, front mounted, and rear mounted and various types of trailers as well. The front mounted seat is the better way to carry younger children.  The advantages of the front mounted child seat are numerous. Riding with your toddler between your arms ena..
Cycling is a great form of exercise and a wonderful way to get the whole family together for an outing.  Cycling is a fun way to get fit and still spend quality time with the family even if your kids are very young. For families that have children under the age of five, a Weeride Kangaroo carrier is an essential accessory for the parent’s bicycles. This centre mounted child bike seat is the safest and most enjoyable kids bike seat on the market. As a company that is completely driven by enabling family riding, there are a few big do’s and don’ts you should consider if you are p..
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