Award Winning Family Cycling Products
A company who prides itself in providing products that allow families to ride together. Weeride SA is the sole importer & distributor of the Weeride range of family cycling products.
From our innovative center mounted child carrier design to our tow behind trailers, WeeRide SA provides safe and reliable cycling comfort for the entire family. The Kangaroo child carriers are quite simply the best and most enjoyable means to introduce your children to the wonderful experience of cycling. There is interaction with your child that you simply cannot experience with outdated rear child bike seats. Our seats are also safer and provide greater interactivity between rider and child.

When your child gets a little bigger or gains a sibling, our push bikes and co-pilot trailers become the choice mode of transportation. Safety for the passengers and ease of operation for the parent is the credo of the WeeRide products.


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What is a balance bike? A balance bike is a light weight bike without pedals and the crank. Children’s balance bikes are primarily designed to help children to develop their balancing skills. Learning to steer and balance a bike is much easier without pedals. The up and down motion of pedalling throws a childs body side to side causing them to lose riding stability.

Your child has reached the stage of wanting to ride his or her own two wheeler bike. Most children from the age of 3 upwards will have the ability to learn to ride a bicycle.

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